Monthly Archives: October 2010

Why is Business Writing Bankrupt?

Now that nearly all businesses have discovered the internet, business writing is booming. With the click of a mouse, clients can ferret out product and service descriptions, corporate policies, investment information, and job descriptions. Search engines have become life rafts to keep us all from drowning in a sea of corporate verbiage. But does what we read hold our attention, satisfy our desire to know, or compel us to action?  Or has too much of business writing gone the way of collateralized debt obligations—neatly packaged, but empty of value, bankrupt?   Continue reading


How to Market the Humanities

The culture war is nearly lost, and the philistines are winning. No, I don’t mean the culture war between social/political conservatives and liberals. That war rages on. The truly desperate struggle that cuts across the conservative/liberal divide is the fight against consumerism whereby consumers are, themselves, consumed by the search for lower prices, better deals, and the never-ending corporate hunt for exploitatively cheap labor anywhere in the world, resulting in greater concentrations of wealth for those at the top. And this consumerist culture finds overwhelming support in what I call educational philistinism. Continue reading