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Term of the Week: “Wife Up”

Keeping up with American slang is impossible. That’s why people use it, after all. But I felt especially “out of it” when I first heard “wife up” from the lips of Bethenny Frankel’s assistant, Max Meisel, on episode 10 of Bethenny Getting Married?

According to Max and the other twenty-somethings in the bar, “everybody” uses the term. As he explains to Bethenny, “wife up” means “to marry,” as opposed to merely “date” or “see.” More specifically, the term connotes Continue reading


Term of the Week: “Food Desert”

No, that’s not a typo in the title. I truly mean “desert,” not “dessert.” I recently came across this term on NPR’s All Things Considered on 8/12/10:

People in low income urban areas who have no car and no supermarket within walking distance often get their food from convenience stores and fast food restaurants. That’s a recipe for poor nutrition, obesity and diseases like diabetes. There’s been growing attention to this issue of so-called food deserts.

Entire neighborhoods in major cities and in some rural areas around the U.S. are now without major grocery stores. For the past 30 years, grocery chains have largely pulled out of inner cities to establish full-service supermarkets in the suburbs and more affluent areas. Many “mom-and-pop” stores closed long ago Continue reading