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Top Ten Ways to Avoid Being Noticed on the Web

In light of the glut of truly atrocious websites on the internet, it seems that many people are working much too hard to avoid being noticed. To save everyone some time and effort, I’ve decided to help by listing the top ten ways to fly under the radar in cyberspace. Here they are:

#10. Put nothing but flash video on your opening page.

#9. Never seek assistance from a copywriter or communications professional.

#8. Pay no attention to search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

#7. Never engage the services of a professional web designer.

#6. Avoid proofreading your content for spelling or grammar; just slap it up there!

#5. Simply publish someone else’s stuff on your site.

#4. Put all your content on one page and then leave it untouched.

#3. Never publish anything that people might want or need to know.

#2. Never tell anyone about your website, especially via social media.

#1.  Here it is! The number-one way to avoid being noticed on the web:

Never create or publish your own website!

Let’s go for 20! Based on what you see on the web, add your own suggestions.


Why is Business Writing Bankrupt?

Now that nearly all businesses have discovered the internet, business writing is booming. With the click of a mouse, clients can ferret out product and service descriptions, corporate policies, investment information, and job descriptions. Search engines have become life rafts to keep us all from drowning in a sea of corporate verbiage. But does what we read hold our attention, satisfy our desire to know, or compel us to action?  Or has too much of business writing gone the way of collateralized debt obligations—neatly packaged, but empty of value, bankrupt?   Continue reading