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Reforming Higher Ed #2: Demand Rigor

Mathematics Lecture

Mathematics Lecture

In a previous post, “Adrift without a Paddle,” I noted “an ever deeper descent into an anti-intellectualistic, narcissistic culture in which students pursue pre-employment, technical training with single-minded purpose while, nevertheless, they expect to be rewarded with high grades and degrees apart from real achievement.” This phenomenon of empty degrees worries government officials, business and community leaders, and the general public. What should be done to restore real achievement on the part of college students generally? Continue reading


Ban Catalog Copy from College Web Pages!

Have you ever wondered why so many college web pages are so  boring? Many college websites contain pages that largely reproduce their catalog copy. And catalog copy—understandably, given its purpose—is dreadfully boring. I know. I used to fall asleep editing my college’s catalog. Continue reading

Student Learning Outcomes as College Marketing Tool

Nearly all colleges and universities today have initiated outcomes assessment programs to find out what students do or don’t learn and how satisfying the student experience is at their institution.  Most colleges have begun to compile significant data from their studies. Fewer have used the results to improve learning and student life. And fewer still have made the results of their assessment efforts available to the public. By not publicizing such results, however, colleges are missing an important marketing opportunity. Continue reading